Security Features Are Essential For Clinics

September 14th, 2022

Clinics need security systems just as much as other businesses. In fact, their security needs to be better than other companies thanks to the unique challenges they face and the equipment they use. Depending on where your clinic is in Paragould, AZ and what kind of specialties you focus on, your clinic won’t be secure unless you install a set of features that include the following. 

Secure Storage Monitoring

Some clinics have full pharmacies that operate out of their building. Even the ones that don’t will still have some prescription drug supplies for emergencies, testing, and for getting patients a supply of something essential right away. Unfortunately, the high price of prescription drugs in America has made them a popular target for burglars and employee thieves, especially opioid painkillers. Secure storage monitoring means having an access control system that logs who opens the storage cabinet or closet and placing a camera nearby to watch whoever is there.

Waiting Room Surveillance

Patients and their families will sometimes become upset when a nurse or doctor has to deliver bad news. This can lead to an outburst and a physical confrontation, and your clinic staff has a right to protect themselves and each other. However, tense incidents like these can lead to lawsuits and other legal problems, problems you can clear up quickly if a surveillance camera recorded the whole incident from start to finish. A waiting room camera can also spot patients who try to enter restricted areas without an escort.

Doctor Evaluation

Many clinics have started installing recording equipment in examination rooms so they can record and evaluate doctor consultations. These recordings are kept as confidential as patient records, but clinics can use them to evaluate their doctors and give consultants a chance to give their own opinions without crowding into the room and making the patient nervous. Doctors can also use these recordings to double check their diagnoses and see what the patient does while their back is turned.

Access Control

Clinics in Paragould, AZ feature a lot of strong doors and small rooms as a way to preserve patient privacy. They also have restricted areas where doctors and nurses keep important and expensive equipment, store samples for testing, and take breaks from a stressful day. Keeping these areas secure and locked with regular deadbolts would require a lot of keys, which is why most clinics already use keycards and a set of electronic locks that let authorized staff members through while keeping everyone else out. 

Clinic security is essential. Not only do you need to keep track of valuable and dangerous equipment, you also need to look out for the safety of your nurses, doctors, and other staff members. Your security system should reflect your clinic’s needs and priorities, and it should be strong enough to keep the wrong people from getting into your secure areas while protecting both your patients and your staff. So if you need a new security system for you Paragould, AZ clinic, be sure to contact a local security company who can help you find and install the right products.